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JAKARTA - PT Angkasa Pura 2 plans to build a zoo, as a part of the airport in Jambi, is making pro and cons. where this Airport zoo potentially exacerbate the suffering of wild animals. The zoo was built as a last bastion for the wildlife rescue efforts outside its habitat. "Building a zoo side by side with the airport, is a ridiculous plan.Where PT. Angkasa Pura 2 will apply the airport and zoo merge into ...
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Orangutans that living in the concession area of PT. BSS in Berau, is being threatened because of land clearing activities to expand palm oil plantations. Today, Centre for Orangutan Protection is forcing the goverment to using their power to do a legal enforcement in order of damaging habitat of orangutan, based on Regulation No. 5 year 1990 regarding Nature Conservation and Ecosystem. Paulinus Kristianto, Habitat Campainer from COP state as: "Leasehold granted by the Government of Indonesia ...
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Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) reported PT. Berau Sawit Sejahtera (BSS) suspected damaging orangutan habitat in East Kalimantan. The report has been sent to Ministry of Forestry with attachment from GAPKI and ISPO. Based on regulation no. 5 year 1990, article 21 no. 2 point (e) : "Every person Is forbidden to take, damage, destroy, trade, keep or have eggs and / nests of protected animals." Paulinus Kristanto, The Habitat Campaigner from COP stated : ...
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Jakarta - every once in 5 (five) years, Indonesia is held a democracy party to choose their own leader. The candidate has campaign their promises to win a position in a politics career. Even the candidates working programme is being advertise and become the guidance for the elector on 9th April 2014.  Towards the elections that will be running shortly COP proclaims : "The Elections for selection of the leader will be betting the fate ...
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Jakarta - The society has been talked about news that shows one of public figure keeping an orangutan on TV shows. that public figure is famous lately being called as Ustad Guntur Bumi (UGB). on one of TV station, UGB seems to show his love to bathe the orangutan, the primate native species from indonesia. orangutan is one of protected animals on law  No.5 year 1990, regarding conservation of natural resources and ecosystems. Where criminals ...
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| March 21, 2014
Lack of supervision over the production, distribution and use of guns is the reason of rampant poaching. Anyone can buy a gun and shoot any animal without having a license to the authorities. The threats to the wildlife is getting increasing, if the guns can be owned by a person with psychiatric disorders, they're proudly showing their humps, including showing a dead cat & dogs they've killed, on social networks (facebook, etc). ...
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| March 13, 2014
The Golden Cat, very difficult to find in their habitats lately. Today,13/3/2014, COP team, BKSDA Aceh and Tangse Police has confiscated wild animals in Tangse, Aceh, from the hands of endangered animal collectors, and found dead golden cat, that also called The Asiatic Golden Cat.  Golden Cat is classified as Near Threatened (NT) on the IUCN Red List, and its also protected in Indonesian Law as its written on Goverment Regulation no. 7 year 1999. ...
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| March 03, 2014
Komunitas Tigalimapuluh with COP, Kanopi, RAIN and Indonesia Dragonfly Society celebrate World Wildlife Day at 0 km Yogyakarta. ...
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School Visit kali ini kami lakukan di hari Kamis, 6 Februari 2014 di SMP Negeri 1 Samarinda. Salah satu sekolah tingkat pertama yang dibanggakan di kota Samarinda karena lengkapnya fasilitas dan siswanya terkenal cerdas dan banyak prestasi. Kunjungan kami ke sekolah ini sangat disambut oleh pihak sekolah, bahkan untuk peserta yang mengikuti school visit ini oleh Wakil Kepala Sekolah dipilih dari pengurus OSIS dengan harapan pengurus OSIS ini nantinya bisa membuat satu ide atau semacam ...
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| February 22, 2014
APE Warrior evacuated Hylobates moloch (Owa jawa). She's not more 1 years old. APE Warrior with BKSDA West Java bring her to Javan Gibbon Project. Thank you for Orangufriends Garut information. ...
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