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| July 26, 2012


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Solo – The Taru Jurug zoo in Solo moved a female orangutan named Tori (13 year-old) to a small island in the middle of the lake inside the zoo. This aims to stop Tori from smoking. In the island of 300 meters square, Tori and her partner Didik (23 year-old) would reach out from the zoo visitors. This relocation was supported by Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) and Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN).

Lilik Kristianto, the Director of Taru Jurug zoo, stated as follows:

“One of zoo problems in Indonesia is the visitors tease the animals. Although there is a signage to do not give food or cigarette to the animals, but the people are still doing it and make a fun of it. Even, sometimes the visitors are trying to hurt the animals. This relocation is a permanent solution for this problem, and also providing better facilities that resemble to their habitat in the wild. Tori can climb to 5 big trees in this island. This could be one of the best enclosure in Indonesia.”

“We are very pleased to hear Solo government’s plan to build Taru Jurug as modern zoo like in developed countries, so in the future there will be no animals behind the bars, but the animals will be put in the enclosure or in the open cage that resemble to the animal’s habitat. This system will make the animals have a good life, and reach out from the visitors who love to tease them. The animals will have healthy and happy life, and this much more better rather than to see stressful and suffering animals.”

“After the relocation, we will assign the zoo interpreters to deliver the information about the orangutans and their protection to the zoo visitors. Therefore, the zoo visitors could learn the wildlife at the ex situ conservation institute such as a zoo.”

Currently, the Centre for Orangutan Protection assists some zoos in Indonesia; the zoo in Jakarta, Semarang, Samarinda and Bukittinggi, to improve the orangutan welfare. COP provides cage and enclosure enrichments, conducts medical check up for orangutans, trains the animal keepers, and also places the zoo interpreters. Some zoos that are committed to join COP in this programme are the zoo in Bali, Palembang, Pekanbaru and Medan.

For further information and interview please kindly contact:

Lilik Kristianto, the Director of Taru Jurug Zoo

Phone   : 081329227720

Daniek Hendarto, Conservation Ex Situ Programme Coordinator of COP

Phone  : 081328837434

Email : daniek@cop.or.id

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