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Orangutan DNA
Paulinus Kristianto | June 16, 2014

480 DAYS WITHOUT MOTHERBengalon - Sekerau Bawah East Kutai, Again, another baby orangutan were found without her mother. These babies are found in a forest that located near Sekerau Bawah Village, on the map of the forest its located in the Makassar Strait coast.This baby is being called Momon by the family who's found her. When they found Momon, she still do not have thick hair and complete teeth. Even Momon still not able to eat anything and only drink milk.Momon staying in a cage next to a chicken coop, but since Momon placed in the chicken coop, no chicken ...>>Read More

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| June 10, 2014

Probably lot of people questioned how the palm oil can be considered to have a variety of benefits to humans, but it is disastrous for the Orangutan. a few months ago Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) rescue one orangutan named May. while we found her, she really in a bad condition, she got her teeth broken due to hard hit, and lot of wounds on her body, she should get more than 10 stitches, not to mention the trauma she suffered from the pain that she felt. Then recently COP also seized two baby orangutans which are kept by the local ...>>Read More

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| June 03, 2014

Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) join forces with Ministry of Forestry and theOrangutan Information Centre (OIC) to confiscate illegally trade and kept endangered species and release them back to wild yesterday. The team are heading to South Aceh to confiscate orang-utan and then take them to Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) clinic in Sibolangit, North Sumatra. Thanks to The Orangutan Projectfor supporting this collaboration work. United we stand strong. ...>>Read More

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Paulinus Kristianto | May 24, 2014

Sampit - One of the citizen of Beringin Agung Village, reported on 21st May 2014 to Centre for Orangutan Protection, that they’re keep a baby of orangutan for almost a year. This report then being confirmed by our team on 23rd of May 2014 and they get ready to check the report. On 24th May 2014, Team from Centre for Orangutan Protection arrived in Beringin Agung Village and meet Mr. Kristianto, he is the reporter and the owner of the orangutan. This orangutan named Alung, this name has been given by Mr. Kristianto son. On daily Alung is put on a cage ...>>Read More

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| May 20, 2014

Still Remember May? Orangutan who recently saved by COP, found by local people were being tortured by palm oil workers. May perhaps considered disturbing the laborers while planting oil palm. And Jo, the trauma baby orangutan whom her mother has been killed by palm oil worker during landclearing activity and now she became an orphanage. Every may 20, the world celebrating this day to stop the conflict between orangutan and palm oils, this is preventing an illegal palm oil that damaging the environment and prevent the loss of orangutan habitat. Please Support COP and be part of Global day Action ...>>Read More

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| May 17, 2014

Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) are receiving the reports from BKSDA East Kalimantan regarding one injured female orangutan. COP doing intensively treatment and small operation to stiched the wound on her back and medical treatment until her condition are getting better. After examines the orangutan COP found 16 wound, consists of 2 major injuries and 14 minor injuries were predominantly in the feet and hands. On the first day COP arrived in Kutai National Park Office in Bontang, the orangutan condition seemed so weak and didn’t want to consume anything. COP doing anesthetic to be able stiched the wound on ...>>Read More

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